Q & A

Why did you choose to run in this election?

I was concerned when I discovered  most of the incumbents would not be seeking re-election, however I am pleased to see the interest has grown and I am confident with the variety and diversity of the candidates running, we will be able to once again, elect a council that will lead us through the challenges of the next 4 years.  

What about the water issue?

In order to promote an inclusive, environmentally sustainable community we must continue the work of the previous council to secure supplemental water and move forward with the pipeline project. We need to work with Alberta Transportation and Alberta Municipal affairs to determine the eligibility for the Town of Okotoks to receive a pipeline grant from Alberta Municipal Waste Water Partnership or the Water for Life program. 

Why do we need affordable housing?

To become a inclusive community we must provide diverse housing options. Our community must provide housing to met a variety of needs in order to ensure residence can remain in Okotoks.

By promoting growth are we losing the charm you talk about?

I believe we can promote growth without losing charm and quality lifestyle we all enjoy. Some ideas that have been brought to my attention are a south side dog park, family areas/picnic tables along the Sheep River and more opportunities to showcase local artists.